DENTSU SOKEN (Former Name: Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.) (TSE, 1st Section 4812) was established in 1975 and launched the first private computer time-sharing services (TSS) in Japan and has been offering several advanced services for international networks including remote data processing services, Japan’s first international electronic mailing service, and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software.

DENTSU SOKEN is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. DENTSU SOKEN Group has offices in six cities in Japan and 11 cities in seven countries to support customers’ global businesses.

DENTSU SOKEN Hong Kong (DENTSU SOKEN HONG KONG LIMITED / Former Name: ISI-Dentsu of Hong Kong, Limited) was established in 1990, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DENTSU SOKEN. We provide total IT solutions covering Banking and Finance (Regulatory Reporting, Anti-Money Laundering, Leasing), Digital Marketing (Digital Customer Engagement), Logistics (Freight Forwarding Operation & Management & Warehouse Management System), Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources Management, Business Process Management, Cloud Services, Professional Consulting & Talent Outsourcing as well as IT Infrastructure, to the International Banking, Finance, Logistics, and Manufacturing and across all industries. Partnering with leading industry vendors, DENTSU SOKEN brings professional services, quality software application and cutting-edge technologies to our customers through our expertise.